Colonial Art Glass Company, Chicago

This page is just an introduction to Colonial because their background is not well documented, and the Company's duration even less so.

It seems they may have been late to the market with their first venture into lighting. Just as with some of their peer companies, there is some indication that they too made stained glass windows before venturing into lighting. One year after the company exhibited their impressive lineup at The Electrical Show in Chicago during January of 1908, their only catalog (as of this writing) appeared. One advertisement placed in Sweets Architectural Catalog during 1907 has also been found, but nothing further. They were listed and represented among other well known leaded lamp makers at The Electric Shop in Chicago which opened in 1909 and may have initiated the need for their catalog.

The very large range must have required a modest number of craftspeople to make this happen. However, from the few mentions of the company in newspapers and other journals, only 4 names are listed, and all in attendance at The Electrical Show. They are C. Eugene Parkhurst, described as the chief designer, and three others, an E. C. Gmelin, R.F Warner and a B.P. George.

We have seen four known examples of their leaded shades and two of them are highlighted here, click the images to get to their detail pages. However, it is likely that many of the smaller shades are more numerous than their leaded output and remain un attributed in auctions and sales. From the existing leaded shades, both look to be beautifully made. While current searches have so far not turned up anything about these people it is hoped that we will know more in time.

Colonial Art Glass, Grape. Pattern 341, 20" Diameter
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Colonial Art Glass Hydrangea. Pattern 230, 20" diameter
There is another of these that surfaced made with blue flowers, but images lost.
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  • Sweets Architectural, 1907