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Duffner Dragon

A Duffner Dragon appears at the Tucson Antiques Roadshow. Photo courtesy Green Valley News.

"At one time, there were three of that same lamp in our family but we were told a house fire destroyed the other two," Bessett Jr. said. "My pop took good care of it and we think it's pretty special."

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Ed. Many thanks to Green Valley News for permission to cover their article on this important find.

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John Morgan Catalog
Bigelow and Kennard Sunflower Chandelier

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New Additions - Summer 2015

  • Duffner kimberly Ivy
  • Duffner Kimberly Nasturtium
  • Duffner Kimberly Roman
  • Anthony Hart Begonia
  • Anthony Hart Grape
  • Albert Sechrist Chandelier
  • Anthony Hart Floral
  • Unique Art Glass & Metal - Periwinkle
  • Unique Art Glass & Metal Company - Periwinkle
  • Unique Art Glass & Metal Company - Periwinkle
  • Williamson Shell Lamp
  • J. A. Whaley On Suess Base
  • Duffner Kimberly Dragon Table Lamp
  • Duffner Kimberly French Gothic
  • Duffner Kimberly Modern
  • Duffner Kimberly Roman
  • Shuess Ornamental Gl;ass Company - Grape Trellis
  • Williamson Floral Chandelier
  • Duffner Kimberly Iris Chandelier
  • Albert Sechrist Chandelier
  • Gorham Classic
  • Gorham Table Lamp
  • Suess Ornamental Yellow Peony Table Lamp
  • Suess Ornamental Red Peony Table Lamp
  • American Arts and Crafts Hanger
  • American Floral Border Chandelier
  • Reed and Barton Floral Border
  • Riviere Studios Floor Lamp
  • Suess Ornamental Glass Company Parasol
  • Unique Glass & Metal Company WIsteria Chandelier
  • Unique Art Glass & Metal Company Wisteria Chandelier
  • Wilkinson Chandelier
  • Tiffany Studios Trumpet Creeper Chandelier
  • Teco Table Lamp
  • J A Whaley Blue Floral
  • Gorham Floral Lamp
  • Duffner Kimberly Oriental Poppy
  • Duffner Kimberly Leaf
  • Bigelow Kennard Pinecone Chandelier
  • American Geometric
  • Suess Ornamental Glass Company - Honeysuckle Border Lamp
  • Duffner Kimberly Red Floral Border Chandelier
  • American Peacock Table Lamp
  • Kramer Brothers Chandelier
  • Bent Glass Novelty Company Chandelier
  • Colonial Art Glass Company Floral Lamp
  • Gorham Green Floral Lamp
  • Williamson Table Lamp
  • Bent Glass Novelty Wisteria Chandelier
  • Wilkinson Lily
  • Tiffany Studios Tyler Chandelier
  • John Morgan & Sons, Reverse Painted Dome
  • Duffner Kimberly Grape Chandelier
  • Duffner Kimberly Pink Trillium Chandelier
  • Duffner Kimberly Arrow Head Table lamp
  • Handel Stylized Chandelier
  • Suess Ornamental Glass Company Floral Border Table Lamp
  • Duffner Kimberly Green Bamboo Table lamp
  • John Morgan & Sons Reverse Painted Table Lamp
  • J.A Whaley Floral Table Lamp

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