Tiffany Studios, Pond Dragonfly Lamp

This lamp appeared in Sotheby's April 1995 auction for the collection of John Mecom Jr.

The shaped domical shade with four rooundels in transparent pale lemmon-yellow glass with fractured glass inclusions in lime-green, emerald-green, grass-green and lemmon yellow, within a brickwork surround in striated and opalescent mauve and puce, mauve or maroon and sea green, each surrounded by three dragonflies with outspread wings, their wings and bodies in mottles sapphire blue, their wings in rich cerulean blue streaked with emerald green or purple, the lower border set with four leafy branches in mottles sea green and emerald green and opalescence, reserved against a fractured glass ground matching the roundels; the ovoid base cast in low relief with upright leafage, further raised on an inverted leaf-form foot, has finial, shade impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1532-1, base impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS/NEW YORK/189/S146/26646/160. The medallions with heat cracks. Height 18 1/2" Daimeter 13 1/2".
The only other example of this very rare lamp was offered in these rooms from the estate of Walter P. Chrysler Jr, June 16, 1989.

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