Peter Scherpenzeel

In late 2019 I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Amsterdam with two of my daughters. We met up with Peter Scherpenzeel, on the left in this photo. Peter and I had been in touch via email for probably close to 20 years, but this was a great opportunity to meet in person.

Talk was fast and furious and even today, I feel we barely scratched the surface of our two main interests, Music and leaded lamps, a good reason to visit him again. Peter was a musician in the popular Dutch band, Kayak during the 1970's and lucky for us, he decided to put aside his professional bass playing and embark on a career of lamp making.

Peter took us to a unique and wonderful part of the Netherlands, Zaase Shans where this photo was taken. I encourage the reader to follow the link to the website as it was quite a magical place.

Later that day he took me to his Studio, the heart of his stained glass lamp making. As you can see from his work, he clearly is a leader when it comes to Tiffany reproductions. Here are just a few photos. The work shown here and on his website tells the story of his skill and uncanny ability to combine his technical ability with great sensitivity and artistry using color.

Thank you for a wonderful visit Peter.


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