Handel Hollyhock Table Lamp

This is the Handel version of Tiffany Studio's Hollyhock. It is pictured in Paul Crist’s book, Mosaic Shades, Volume II on page 142. This lamp is signed on the inside of the ring: 1820-25-HANDEL ( see photo ). The signature is discussed on pg. 132, where Paul indicates that there is a “scarcity of firmly attributed shades” made by Handel, and “collectors are well-advised to limit their collecting only to legitimately signed shades.” The signature on this shade indicates that it is 25” in diameter. The background shade color is the medium green Handel glass, with somewhat of a dichroic nature. There are absolutely no cracked pieces (unless they occur when shipped.) There is a picture of the inside showing the residue of kerosene illumination. A nice historical feature. The table base is a 30", 5 light base that matches the shade. Absolutely gauranteed authentic. Lamp includes a letter of authentication from Crist Studios.