Amboy Works, N.J. Stylized Border Panel Lamp

Lamp measures 14" in diameter and stands 18" tall. Shade is a mix of granite and smooth glass to create an interesting effect when lit. The border is comprised of red and lime green glass. This is set against a backdrop of fiery granite green. All glass is original. It's a wild combination of glass. There's a lot of variation used in it. Some pieces are much more opalescent than others but all is original. Only 3 pieces have cracks. All of the large upper and bent pieces are perfect. The 3 cracks are in the bottom, border pieces. Upper opening size is just under 2" in the shade. The base is a bronze, original Gorham. It has 2 Hubbell sockets with acorn pulls. Sweeping arms allow the sockets to point into the main body of the shade. Nice distribution of light. The finial is a Gorham one piece solid design with an overlapping leaf design.

Ed. Orginally attributed to Gorham, changed to Amboy Works with their Acanthus cap and base.