Handel Table Lamp

Handel leaded glass lamp. Both base and shade are signed Handel. It measures 20" in diameter and stands 25" tall. Both base and shade are signed Handel. The shade has " Handel 1906 - 20 " stamped on the inside of the upper rim. Referencing Paul Crist's book "Mosaic Shades", the stamp was typically the model number and the diameter. This signature is 100% correct and original to the shade. The base is signed Handel and has a number cast into the bottom. Again, 100% correct and original.

The shade has some of the best glass and shading. It starts off with a fiery red sunset palm type glass with green striations. As it moves down the shade, the green gets more prominent and turns into a lighter red/orange color which fades into a bright green. The leaves are done in a different green with yellow striations. The flowers are a salmon color and the ribbon is done in red. The circles around the bottom are granite red. The tree trunk base is original to the shade. The overall package looks a lot like the swirling peony on page 143 in Paul Crist's book. The base has original patina. 3 sockets with acorn pulls, original teepee heat cap and finial.