John Morgan & Sons Painted Poppy Table Lamp

This maker and similar lamps can be prominently viewed in Paul Crist's book "Mosaic Shades". Page 107 shows the base and similar shades that were used in the magazine "Pottery & Glass" in the 1910 time frame. Morgans are probably one of the most sought after lamps by collectors. This lamps measures 23" in diameter and stands 26" tall.There are 8 panels in the shade. All 8 panels are perfect. No chips, cracks or repaints. The shade is done with paint similar to a Handel lamp. In their advertisements, they state that the colors were fired into the glass. The lamp depicts shaded red oriental poppies on a trellis. Note the quality of the artistry. Each flower shades from dark to light. The leaves are multi color again showing the quality. Between the panels at the bottom of the shade are decorative flowers on the metalwork to tie everything together. The glass has a crackle type texture to the outside.